Current Studies

Our center is primarily involved in Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV studies. Phase 2 studies are primarily focused on safety. Once a drug has proven safe after many years of study, a phase-III trial is undertaken to test its effectiveness in treating a symptom or disease. This is the final phase before FDA approval and use by the public. Phase IV studies take place after a drug is on the market. It retests safety issues.

Certain studies measure the effect of a medication on a symptom or disease versus that of a placebo (an inactive product). Neither Dr. Andruczyk, the study staff, nor you would know if you are receiving the study medication or the placebo. In other studies, everyone receives a medication, and no placebos are involved.


Before participating in a study, the study is explained to you in detail, including the advantages and side effects of each medication and your time commitment. You are also given a detailed consent form to read. If you desire, Dr. Andruczyk will notify any of your physicians about your participation.

During the course of the study, Dr. Andruczyk and his staff are always available to answer any questions. Your privacy is protected, and your medical records are confidential. You are free to discontinue the study at any time for any reason.

If you would like more information, please call Clinical Research of Philadelphia at 215-676-6696 to speak with Dr. Andruczyk.